Popular Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Master Of Business Administration

MBA is a graduate-level degree that provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in business.

Bachelor Of Accounting & Finance

(B.Acc.Fin.) is an undergraduate degree program that provides skills needed to pursue a career in accounting & finance.

Bachelors Of Computer Science

(B.S.C.) is an undergraduate degree program that provides students with knowledge and skills in computers

Associate of Arts (Business & Psychology)

is a two-year degree program that provides students with a foundation in both business and psychology.

Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition

This degree combines science, food technology, and nutrition to prepare graduates for careers in the food industry, healthcare, and research.

Bachelor of Health and Medical Science

An undergraduate degree that combines health and medical sciences to prepare students for various healthcare careers.

Bachelor of General Studies (Science)

A flexible program covering a range of core science disciplines, allowing students to design their own degree with an interdisciplinary focus.

Bachelor of Information Studies (with specializations)

A undergraduate degree program that offers various specializations related to information management, technology, and communication.

Postgraduate Courses

Master of Advanced Social Work Practice

An advanced degree in social work that focuses on practical skills and prepares professionals for specialized roles.


Master of Cyber Studies and Investigations

A graduate degree program that covers advanced topics in cyber investigations, digital forensics, and cybersecurity risk management.

Master of Nursing (with specializations)

Advanced nursing degree offering specializations in areas such as leadership, education, informatics, and clinical practice.

Master of Clinical Psychology & Clinic

A graduate degree program that provides training in both clinical psychology and practical experience in a clinical setting.

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